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At "The Broken Link Foundation" our Mission is to offer survivors of Suicide or Murder-Suicide a place to come for the First Steps in trying to piece their lives back together. We are NOT counselors however we can direct you in the right direction and help guide you in your journey.


"After the suicide of a loved one, it's okay to be angry. It's okay not to be. What you need to know, from me, is that you are NOT alone. There is assistance, right away, to guide you through the days after. Suicide ends one life, but shatters many. My wife and I created an idea to stand beside others and do what was necessary to show them a light. From this idea, our Foundation was born. I know you have questions, just as I did. I lost my Mom and Dad to a murder/suicide. Like I said, you are not alone"

Jerry Reardon



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